Man vs. Nature

Since the beginning of time, the man had to face the forces of nature to ensure his own survival. The nature has been observed as hostile, the man had to fight with his body and mind to concur the nature and make it his servant. However, more than once, the nature has demonstrated how powerful and wild it can truly be and the man, with all his science and technology and progress, stood no chance. Nevertheless, the mankind survived, there are more people in the world today than ever before.

If you start to think about this, it becomes clear, there is no man vs. nature, the nature is within a man, and the man is within the nature, we do not exist apart from it. If we fight the nature within, then we fight against our own bodies, our own instincts, senses… And if we fight the nature around us, we inevitably lose, because we are just a small piece of it. How about if we stop fighting and start listening, begin working together, cooperating, learn from it as much as we can and then co-create, play with it. This is the abundant planet, there is enough food, clothes and homes for each and every one of us. Nature is greater than all of us together, she gave a birth to everything that exists, we call it a Mother for a reason. She gave us everything she had so that we would live a happy life, as every mother would, and she did it with love.

And how do you treat your mother? Do you show her respect? Are you thankful for her gifts? How do you show your love?

If you do not understand your nature, that is within you and all around you, then you cannot appreciate it and you wouldn’t know how to love yourself or the world around you. Even that’s o.k., mother is forgiving and compassionate, her own love is enough, but you better show her respect! Because the Earth will survive without us, but where would we be without the Earth?


Ogledalo/The Mirror

 Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

– The Brothers Grimm, “Snow White”

Magično ogledalce moje, reci na svetu najlepši ko je?

– Braća Grim, “Snežana i sedam patuljaka”

Kada izađeš iz sebe i pogledaš se tuđim očima, da li ti se sviđa osoba koju gledaš? Odgovor uvek treba da bude DA!

Osnovno pravilo – Ne trudi se da budeš onakav kakav misliš da ćeš se drugima svideti! Nikada nećeš postići da se svima svidiš i da te svi cene i vole.

Drugo osnovno pravilo – Trudi se uvek da budeš onakav kakav ćeš se sebi svideti.

Jedina osoba sa kojom treba da se poredimo je naš ideal o sebi samima. To je onaj superheroj koji se krije negde u našoj podsvesti, a od koga crpimo snagu, elan, samopouzdanje, hrabrost i sve one osobine koje su nama važne i kojima stalno stremimo.

Možda jedino iskreno prijateljstvo je ono sa samim sobom. A kada uspeš da budeš zadovoljan sobom i uspeš da dosegneš neki svoj ideal ličnosti i drugi će to umeti da prepoznaju i cene, a tebi više neće biti ni važno njihovo mišljenje.


When you step out of yourself and see you through someone’s else eyes, do you like who you see? The answer should always be YES!

Main principle – Don’t try to be the person you think other people would like! You will never succeed to be liked by everyone and for everyone to appreciate you and love you.

The other grand rule – Always try to be the person that you would like.

The only person we should compare ourselves to is our own ideal about who we should be. It is that superhero who we hide somewhere in our subconsciousness mind, from who we drive our power, inspiration, self-confidence, courage and all the attributes that are important to us and we keep striving to attain them.

The only true friendship, maybe, is that one you have with yourself. And when you succeed in reaching some of yours personal ideal, other people will know to recognize that and appreciate it but you will no longer care what their opinion really is.