Majčinska ljubav / Mother’s love

Čista, bezuslovna, kao nebo velika… Satkana od čežnje, od bola, od svih strahova sakupljenih u zrno nade, u dečiji smeh zaodenuta, u zenici oka čuvana, neuhvatljiva, neshvatljiva, na sve spremna. Jedna je majka, jedna je ljubav, jedinstvena. Gledam svoje detence i često se pitam – Otkuda si se ti stvorilo, savršenstvo maleno? Da li sam te ja stvorila? Ne. Ja sam te samo poželela, usnila, Bogu molitvu izustila.

Sva sam od pitanja. Gledam te, posmatram, čekam da me usmeriš na pravi put. Usput učim od tebe šta je sreća, šta je radost, šta je igra, šta je magija, šta je život, kolika je ljubav i dubina ljuskog srca, majčinskog zagrljaja.

Volim te i zahvalna sam ti dušo malena, što postojiš, što si “moja”, što mi pružaš ogromnu priliku da svakoga dana živim ljubav.


Pure, unconditional, as big as the sky… Woven of longing, of pain, of all fears gathered in a grain of hope, clothed in children’s laughter, guarded in the pupil of the eye, elusive, incomprehensible, ready for anything. There is one mother, one love, unique. I look at my little one and often ask myself – Where did you come from, little perfection? Did I create you? No. I just wished for you, I dreamed, I said a prayer to God.

I’m all from questions. I look at you, I watch you, I wait for you to guide me on the right path. Along the way, I learn from you what happiness is, what joy is, what play is, what magic is, what life is, how great is love and the depth of the human heart, the mother’s embrace.

I love you and I am grateful to you, little baby, for existing, for being “mine”, for giving me a great opportunity to live love every day.

Tijana Stupljanin

Zovem se Svetlost / My name is Light

Nekada davno postojao je jedan čovek, putovao je svetom i delio je ljudima svoj dar. Išao je od grada do grada, od mesta do mesta, davao je najbolje od sebe svakom čoveku koga je sreo. Ljudi su mu se ili zahvaljivali i osmehivali ili su ostajali zbunjeni. Neki su se čak i ljutili i terali ga od sebe. Ipak, svuda kuda je prošao ostavio je trag. Sve ljude koje je dotakao promenio je. Posle njega ništa više nije bilo isto. Taj čovek se zvao Svetlost, a njegov dar je bila svesnost. Osvetljavao je najmračnija mesta u ljudima ostavljajući svakome svoj dar. Znate šta je zanimljivo kod darova? Da li će ga neko prihvatiti i šta će uraditi sa njim ne zavisi od onoga ko daruje, već od onoga ko taj dar prima. Mnogi su darovi ostali neotvoreni i mnogi ljudi su izabrali da i pored svetla, žive u mraku.


Once upon a time, there was one man who traveled the world and shared his gift with people. He went from city to city, from place to place, he gave the best of him to every man he met. People either thanked him and smiled or remained confused. Some even got angry and pushed him away. However, he left a mark everywhere he went. He changed all the people he touched. After him, nothing was the same. That man was called Light, and his gift was consciousness. He illuminated the darkest places in people, leaving everyone his gift. You know what’s interesting about gifts? Whether someone will accept it and what they will do with it does not depend on the one who gives, but on the one who receives that gift. Many gifts remained unopened and many people chose to live in the dark despite the light.

Tijana Stupljanin

Na početku beše reč / At the beginning of everything there was a word

Da li si ikada, kada se prazna stranica otvori pred tvojim očima, osetio snažan nalet energije? To je bio prvi trenutak kada sam stvarno osetila i pomislila – možda ti jesi pisac.


Have you ever felt a rush of energy when a blank page unfolds in front of you?  That was the first time I truly felt and thought to myself – maybe you are a writer.

Gorela je sveća u noći bez mesečine. U naletu poslednjih kontrakcija uz vrisak moje majke začuo se i moj plač. Možda mi je baš ta noć bez zvezda i meseca odredila sudbinu – tragala sam za svetlošću. Živela sam u iluzijama, u polusnu. Umrla sam kada je nestalo ljubavi u mome srcu.

Volela sam vruć vetar na licu, miris bagremovog cveta, golicanje trave dok trčimo po livadi bosi, vreli pesak na koži, šum talasa, mesečinu u kosi, dete u naručju, sitne prstiće, nemirne i meke, osmeh dečji kad me probudi… ali više od svega tvoj zagrljaj u noći…

Sada znam – zauvek ću živeti! Ljubavlju kojom sam gledala životu u oči, srcem koje je volelo grčeći se od boli, snagom duše koja je pogasila sva svetla od želje da se ponovo rodi u sjaju koji će goreti poput zvezde sa severa obasjavajući puteve ka ljubavi i slobodi.


A candle was burning on a moonless night. In the rush of the last contractions, along with my mother’s scream, my cry was also heard. Maybe that night without stars and the moon determined my destiny – I was looking for light. I lived in the illusions, in a half-sleep. I died when the love in my heart disappeared.

I loved the hot wind on my face, the smell of acacia flowers, tickling of the grass as we run across the meadow barefoot, hot sand on my skin, the sound of waves, the moonlight in my hair, a child in my arms, little fingers, restless and soft, a child’s smile when it wakes me… but more than anything your hug in the night …

Now I know – I will live forever! The love with which I looked life in the eye, the heart that loved while twisting in pain, the strength of the soul that extinguished all the lights of the desire to be born again in the radiance that will burn like a star from the north illuminating the paths to love and freedom.

Tijana Stupljanin

“Na kraju krajeva, mi nešto značimo samo zbog suštine koju otelovljujemo. Ako je ne otelovljujemo, život je tada protraćen.”

– K.G. Jung

“To, dakle, oni zovu vokacijom: ono što radiš s radošću, kao da imaš vatru u srcu i đavola u telu?”

– Džozefina Bejker

“Svrha života je samoizražavanje. Pokazati našu suštinu u potpunosti je ono za šta živimo”

– Oskar Vajld

“Ako postoji dostojan cilj, onda to pojednostavljuje naše postojanje.”

– Haruki Murakami

Magična jesen / Autumn of magic

Zlatna i bakarna na Miholjskom suncu, raskoš boja i diskretno najavljena blizina zime miluje romantika u meni. Nedavno je nebo omađijao predivni, prepuni Žetveni mesec. Oktobar je vreme žetve, vina, završavanja poslova pre nego što počne zima, hvatanje poslednjih snopova sunca koje prelazi sve kraći put dok ne počine u noć. Pun mesec me toliko inspiriše, blizina zime budi mačku u meni, sanjivu i željnu topline.

Kad Beograd postane siv i mokar, maglovit i hladan, moje celo biće žudi da se ušuška uz voljeno biće ili ćebe, toplu kafu ili kakao, dobru knjigu ili film. Nekada bih samo gledala kroz prozor i pohodila svoj unutrašnji svet i u tome je za mene magija jeseni. Kada se spoljašnji život umiruje i vreme provedeno napolju smanjuje na najmanju meru, budi se naše biće. Ja sam sklona introspekciji i volim da se osamim i uronim u svoje misli, da se prepustim maštarenju. Ove jeseni je kod mene sve to pojačano, valjda je takva godina, kažu svi, sada je vreme da se budimo, menjamo, rastemo iznutra…

Sutra će mesec biti mlad, a to je dobar trenutak da se postave namere, želje, ciljevi, da se iskreira nešto lepo o čemu sanjamo, što priželjkujemo, ali stvarno (ne jednoga dana, ne ako se desi samo od sebe), čemu se vraćamo kada se osećamo dobro, što nas doziva kada nam je svega drugog dosta. Samo jedan korak napravite sutra ka sebi.

I da, ja sam se zaljubila ove jeseni, umesto melanholije i čekanja da zima prođe pa da se ponovo aktiviram, ja sam se zaljubila u svoj život sada!


Golden and copper in the Indian summer sun, the splendor of colors and the discreetly announced closeness of winter caresses the romantic in me. Recently, the sky was enchanted by the beautiful, full Harvest Moon. October is the time of harvest, wine, finishing work before winter begins, catching the last beams of sun that cross the shorter and shorter path until it dies into the night. The full moon inspires me so much, the proximity of winter awakens the cat in me, dreamy and eager for warmth.

When Belgrade becomes gray and wet, foggy and cold, my whole being longs to snuggle up with a loved one or a blanket, hot coffee or cocoa, a good book or a movie. Sometimes I would just look out the window and visit my inner world and that is the magic of autumn for me. When the external life calms down and the time spent outside is reduced to a minimum, our being wakes up. I am prone to introspection and I like to be alone and immerse myself in my thoughts, to indulge in fantasies. This fall, everything has intensified for me, I guess it’s such a year, everyone says, now is the time to wake up, change, grow from within…

Tomorrow the moon will be young, and that is a good moment to set intentions, desires, goals, to create something beautiful that we dream about, that we wish for, but really (not one day, not if it happens by itself), to what we return to when we feel good, which calls us when we have had enough of everything else. Just take one step towards yourself tomorrow.

And yes, I fell in love this fall, instead of melancholy and waiting for winter to pass to become active again, I fell in love with my life now!

Tijana Stupljanin

Staze kojima idemo sami / Paths on which we walk alone

Želim da podelim sa vama jednu priču. Napisala ju je žena kojoj se divim i koja mi je postala uzor. Osim njenih tekstova i onoga što piše o njoj kao autoru više knjiga, ne znam mnogo o toj ženi i njenom životu, ali ono što znam je da piše dušom i otvorenim srcem, a to je već dovoljno za prepoznavanje. Još su mudri latini rekli: “Slično se sličnom raduje”. (lat. Similis Simili Gaudet.)

“Gledala sam u sunce večeras. U blizini je stajao mladić. Potom smo zajedno krenuli svako svojoj kući. U tih nekoliko minuta dok se nismo oprostili, vrlo smireno, učtivo i pametno mi je govorio o svojim iskustvima sa Suncem. Rekao je i da se skriva od rođaka kad posmatra Sunce, jer mu je tetka rekla da je sektaš! Smejali smo se toj proceni, mada nije smešno. Ljudi koji se bave sobom drugima izgledaju čudno i sumnjivo. Dugo već gledamo tuđ tanjir, postelju i dvorište, pa smo zaboravili da gledajući u Sunce osvetlimo preostale tamne ćoškove naših duša…”[1]

Photo by luizclas on

Tako uglavnom biva, ljudi osuđuju ili zaziru od onoga što ne razumeju. Moja porodica je prihvatila da je moj put malo drugačiji od uobičajenog, ali tek kada su videli dobrobiti svega toga “čudnog” u mom životu. Ipak, još uvek čujem, čak i od najbližih – šta će ti to?

Teško je kada naiđete na nerazumevanje ljudi do kojih vam je stalo i koji su sastavni deo vašeg života. Ono što sam shvatila je da svako od nas ima svoj put, mi možemo svojim primerom da osvetlimo ponešto u životu svojih bližnjih i da ih podstaknemo na promenu, ali je izbor njihov. Ne možemo, a ja bih rekla da i ne smemo, živeti tuđe živote, a još manje na silu pomagati bilo kome, pa i najrođenijem. Ono što možemo da uradimo, mi koji radimo na sebi, jeste da razumemo, prihvatimo i oprostimo.

Baš kao što nas zove naše srce da tragamo, da učimo, da iskusimo nešto više od utvrđenog puta većine i mi ne možemo da napustimo taj put, jer bi to značilo izdaju sopstvene duše i propadanje našeg tela, tako ni svi ljudi ne mogu osećati, razmišljati i funkcionisati kroz život na isti način kao mi.

Mene je razmišljanje na ovu temu dovelo do zaključka da, sa jedne strane, postoje ljudi koji imaju urođene sisteme za rešavanje problema i samoodbranu i opstanak, koji im pomažu da se brzo i lako izbore sa životnim izazovima i pred nekim teškim situacijama i padovima, brzo povrate svoj mir, zdravlje, sreću… Njima zaista joga, reiki, theta healing, meditacije, esencijalna ulja, BARS, EFT, NLP, energetska psihologija, kvantna medicina i razne druge tehnike i metode deluju čudno i sumnjivo, jer oni postižu rezultate potpuno instinktivno, podsvesno, spontano i ne znajući da ustvari primenjuju mudrosti, znanja i principe koji su utkani u svaku od ovih tehnika. I normalno je da oni pitaju nekoga ko meditira: “Šta će ti to?”.

Sa druge strane, mnogi ljudi nisu voljni da se menjaju, a rad na sebi to zahteva. Mnogi prebacuju odgovornost za svoj život na druge i omalovažavaju sve što nije opšteprihvaćeno. Od lekara traže zdravlje, od sveštenika duhovni mir, od okoline saosećanje i zarobljeni su u začaranom krugu žrtve-dželata i spasioca koji je izvan njih samih, a osuđuju svakoga ko preuzme odgovornost za svoj život i traži način da pomogne sebi služeći se tzv. alternativnim metodama. Ima i onih ljudi koji će otići na jogu, kod travara, na sto i jednu edukaciju, isprobati sve tehnike tražeći rešenje za svoju boljku, ali neće prstom mrdnuti da promene suštinski sve što je neophodno promeniti u svom životu da bi iscelili tu svoju boljku, i onda će reći: “ Sve sam probala, bila sam i kod ovoga i kod onoga i ništa od toga mi nije pomoglo, to je sve šarena laža!”.

Nije suština u metodama i tehnikama, suština je u nama. Kada se uskladimo sa sobom i svojom dušom, svaka metoda će raditi za nas. Stvar je u tome da prestanemo da osuđujemo i počnemo da razumemo. Svi smo jedinstveni i svako ima svoj put, ako u svojoj najbližoj sredini ne nađete saputnike na tom putovanju, potražite ih negde drugde, ne morate koračati sami, ali možete ako je to vaš izbor.

[1] Priča „Svetlo“ iz knjige – Ne bih ovo mogla bez tebe, Brankica Damjanović, Beograd 2016, Skalarbooks.


I want to share one story with you. It was written by a woman I admire and who has become my role model. Aside from her texts and what she writes about her as the author of multiple books, I don’t know much about that woman and her life, but what I do know is that she writes with a soul and from an open heart, and that’s enough for recognition. Even wise Latins said, “Similar rejoices to similar.” (lat. Similis Simili Gaudet.)

“I was looking at the sun tonight. A young man was standing nearby. Then we each went to each other’s home. In those few minutes until we said goodbye, he spoke to me very calmly, politely and cleverly about his experiences with the Sun. He also said that he was hiding from his relatives when he was watching the Sun, because his aunt told him that he was a sectarian! We laughed at that assessment, although it’s not funny. People who work on themselves to others look strange and suspicious. We have been looking at someone else’s plate, bed and yard for a long time, so we forgot to look at the Sun to illuminate the remaining dark corners of our souls… ”[i]

This is mostly the case people condemn or shy away from what they do not understand. My family accepted that my path was a little different than usual, but only when they saw the benefits of all that “weird” in my life. However, I still hear, even from those closest to me, what do you need that for?

It’s hard when you come across a misunderstanding of the people you care about and who are an integral part of your life. What I realized is that each of us has its own path, we can illuminate something in the lives of our loved ones by our example and encourage them to change, but the choice is theirs. We can’t, and I would say we must not, live other people’s lives, let alone help anyone by force, even our own blood. What we can do, we who work on ourselves, is to understand, accept and forgive.

Just as our heart calls us to seek, to learn, to experience something more than the established path of the majority, and we cannot leave that path, because that would mean betrayal of our own soul and the decay of our body, so not all people can feel, think and function through life in the same way as we do.

Thinking about this topic led me to the conclusion that, on the one hand, there are people who have innate systems for problem solving and self-defense and survival, which help them to quickly and easily cope with life’s challenges and in the face of some difficult situations and falls, quickly regain their peace, health, happiness… Yoga, reiki, theta healing, meditations, essential oils, BARS, EFT, NLP, energy psychology, quantum medicine and various other techniques and methods seem strange and suspicious to them, because they achieve results completely instinctively, subconsciously, spontaneously and not knowing that they are actually applying the wisdom, knowledge and principles that are woven into each of these techniques. And it is normal for them to ask someone who is meditating: “What do you need that for?”.

On the other hand, many people are not willing to change, and working on yourself requires it. Many shift the responsibility for their lives to others and derogate everything that is not generally accepted. They demand health from doctors, spiritual peace from priests, compassion from their surroundings and they are trapped in a vicious circle of victim-executioner and savior who is outside of themselves, and they condemn anyone who takes responsibility for their lives and seeks a way to help themselves by using the so-called alternative methods. There are also those people who will go to yoga, to herbalists, to a hundred and one education, try all the techniques looking for a solution to their pain, but they will not move a finger to change essentially everything that needs to be changed in their life to be able to heal the pain, and then they will say: “I tried everything, I was with this and that and none of that helped me, it’s all a colorful lie!”.

The essence is not in methods and techniques, the essence is in us. When we align with ourselves and our soul, each method will work for us. The point is to stop judging and start understanding. We are all unique and everyone has their own path, if you do not find companions on that journey in your immediate environment, look for them somewhere else, you do not have to walk alone, but you can if it is your choice.

Tijana Stupljanin

[i] The story “Light” from the book – I could not do this without you, Brankica Damjanović, Belgrade 2016, Skalarbooks.

Teško je? / It is hard?

Na ovim našim južno balkanskim prostorima čini mi se da se rađamo sa tim – Teško je. Vraća nam se kao eho tokom celog života. Kako zakoračimo, hoćemo da se popnemo na vrh brda – još si mali, ne možeš ti to, teško je. Kada progovorimo, ja ću promeniti svet – nema šanse, to je teško, ti nisi dovoljno dobar. Ja hoću da živim drugačije – ne može, to niko ne radi, biće teško.

Sva moja ja hoću, ja želim, ja mogu, ja znam, odjeknuli su u ovoj stvarnosti kao ti ne smeš, ti sanjaš, ti ne možeš, ti ne znaš, koje naša podsvest čuje kao ti ne valjaš, ti nisi dovoljno dobar, tebi nešto fali. Onda vidiš i čuješ kako je neko uspeo to preteško, nemoguće i nenormalno da uradi i da ostane živ. I opet ćete čuti, to je tamo neki izuzetak, on je poseban, to može samo tamo u toj nekoj zemlji, to može samo tamo neko ko ima tamo nešto. Ovde je i dalje teško, ovde se i dalje to ne radi.

Ovde je toliko teško da čak i kad nekome nešto ide lako u životu, to je zato što su mu roditelji bogati, to je zato što je odrastao u tom kraju, to je zato što ima vezu, to je zato što ima dobre gene, to je viša sila i nema tu nikakve zasluge tog čoveka koji živi lepo i lako.

Ovde se vrlo lako od nečega dobrog, lepog i jednostavnog dođe do pečata težine, jer ako ti je sve lepo i lako, a većini je ružno i teško, štrčiš, ne uklapaš se. Malo je onih koji će u nečijem uspehu prepoznati inspiraciju i podstrek da i sami uspeju. Jer za uspeh je potrebno učenje, promena mišljenja, promena ponašanja, spremnost da se ne uspe iz prve, da se pokuša ponovo, da se uradi nešto drugačije… Mislim da je Ajnštajn rekao – Ne možete raditi uvek isto i očekivati drugačiji rezultat. Međutim, svaka promena je teška, mnogo je lakše kukati i zavideti.

Mislim da svi znaju basnu o lisici i grožđu, pa sve što nam nije na dohvat ruke, lako okarakterišemo kao „kiselo“. Međutim, niti je svo grožđe kiselo, niti je nedostižno, ali i nije sve za svakoga. Ako budemo počeli da slušamo želje svoje duše i da pratimo putokaze svoga srca, biće nam sigurno lakše, čak i kada naiđu oni stvarno teški trenuci u životu, plus ćemo uštedeti mnogo energije ne jureći tuđe želje.

Znate kako se nebo otvara kada avion uzleti i kakve god da su vremenske prilike dole pri zemlji, kada se popnete na određenu visinu (iznad oblaka) pojavi se sunce i sve se razbistri. Verujem da je tako i u životu, kada se uzdignemo barem malo iznad pukog preživljavanja tela i zemaljskog (prizemnog) promišljanja života, počinju da se naziru novi horizonti i beskrajne mogućnosti.

Pratite sebe i svoje osećaje, nešto što je dobro za vas će se pokazati kao lakoća, a za nekoga ista ta stvar može dati teskobu u telu. Zato kada vam sledeći put neko za vašu želju, nadu ili cilj, kaže da je to teško, zapitajte se da li je to vaša istina ili možda njegova? I znajte da šta god da je vaša želja, bar jedna osoba na svetu je uspela da ostvari baš to, a ako je ona uspela šta vas sprečava?

Idite za svetlošću, lakoćom i radošću!

In these parts of our southern Balkans, it seems to me that we are born with that – It is difficult. It comes back to us as an echo throughout life. As we make our first steps, we want to climb to the top of the hill – you are still small, you can’t do that, it’s hard. When we start to talk, I will change the world – no way, it’s hard, you’re not good enough. I want to live differently – it can’t happen, nobody does that, it will be difficult.

All of mine I want, I wish, I can, I know, resonated in this reality like: you can’t, you dream, you won’t, you don’t know, which our subconscious mind hears like you are bad, you’re not good enough, you are defected. Then you see and hear how someone managed to do that too hard, impossible and abnormal thing and stay alive. And you will hear again, it is an exception, he is special, it can only be done there in that country, it can only be done there by someone who has that something. It is still difficult here; it still cannot be done here.

It’s so hard here that even when something goes easy for someone in life, it’s because his parents are rich, it’s because he grew up in that area, it’s because he has a connection, it’s because he has good genes, it is a higher power and there is no merit in it of that man who lives beautifully and easily.

Here, it is very easy to get the stamp of weight on something good, beautiful and simple, because if everything is nice and easy for you, and most of others live badly and difficult, you stick out, you don’t fit. There are few who will recognize inspiration and encouragement in someone’s success to succeed on their own. Because success requires learning, a change of opinion, a change of behavior, a willingness to fail at first, to try again, to do something different … I think Einstein said – You can’t always do the same thing and expect a different result. However, every change is difficult, it is much easier to whine and envy.

I think everyone knows the fable about the fox and the grapes, so everything that is not at our fingertips can easily be characterized as “sour”. However, neither all grapes are sour, nor is it unattainable, but not everything is for everyone. If we start listening to the wishes of our soul and following the directions of our heart, it will surely be easier for us, even when those really difficult moments in life come, plus we will save a lot of energy without chasing other people’s wishes.

You know how the sky opens when the plane takes off and whatever the weather is down at the surface of the earth, when you climb to a certain height (above the clouds) the sun appears and everything clears up. I believe that this is also the case in life, when we rise at least a little above the mere survival of the body and the earthly (ground) thinking of life, new horizons and endless possibilities begin to emerge.

Be aware of yourself and your feelings, something that is good for you will prove to be easy, and for someone the same thing can give anxiety in the body. So the next time someone tells you that your wish, hope or goal is difficult, ask yourself if it is your truth or maybe his? And know that whatever your wish is, at least one person in the world has managed to achieve just that, and if she has succeeded, what is stopping you?

For light, ease and joy!

Tijana Stupljanin

Nešto za razmišljanje / Something to think about

“Greške su deo nas samih, kada prestanemo da grešimo znači da smo mrtvi. Život je samo vreme ispunjeno običnim trenucima sitne sreće.” – Iz filma “Sreća je u malim stvarima” (Momenti di trascurabile felicità (2019)) Daniela Luketija


“Mistakes are part of ourselves, when we stop making mistakes it means we are dead. Life is just a time filled with moments of ordinary happiness.” – From the movie “Ordinary Happiness” (Momenti di trascurabile felicità (2019)) from Daniele Luchetti

~My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.~

~Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is a character.~

~Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.~

~Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.~

~It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.~

~Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.~

~Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.~

~Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.~

~A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?~

Albert Einstein

Život za život – sve za dete / Life for life – everything for a child

Prvih 5 godina pokušavamo da ih skinemo sa sebe, onda sledećih pet godina pokušavamo ponovo da ih prikačimo za sebe, pa narednih pet godina oni pokušavaju da nas otkače od sebe, pa se onda mi trudimo da se ponovo prikačimo za njih i tako u nedogled… Odnos roditelja i dece i odnos dece i roditelja, ostaje večita misterija života.😊

Gledala sam danas animirani film o Herkulu, čuvenom heroju iz Grčke mitologije. U jednom trenutku otac, vrhovni Bog Zevs, kaže svom sinu da mora postati heroj kako bi ponovo postao Bog, a za to je potrebno da učini istinski herojsko delo. I tako se Herkul odlučio da vežba i trenira svakodnevno, kako bi postao pravi heroj. Međutim, iako je postao heroj i stekao slavu u narodu, to nije bilo dovoljno. I na kraju, ključni herojski čin koji ga je vratio među Bogove je bilo davanje svog života u zamenu za život žene koju voli.

To me je navelo na razmišljanje o simbolici te ideje, koja se javlja u mnogim pričama, život za život, žrtvovanje iz ljubavi… Podsetilo me je na roditeljstvo. Na neki način mi dajemo naš život kakav poznajemo do trenutka dok ne postanemo roditelji, za novi život. Neki roditelji i bukvalno žrtvuju sebe ne bi li njihova deca živela bolje, lepše, više od njih… Ne shvatamo svi žrtvu na isti način, ali odricanje od mnogo stvari je sastavni deo roditeljstva.

Ne mislim da deca treba da dobiju sve što požele i ne postoji univerzalni pristup vaspitanju koji možete da reprodukujete na dete i samo ubirete plodove. Pa sa koliko se izazova svako od nas susreo u svom životu, svi smo različiti i živimo svoj život najbolje što umemo, često posustajemo, pa se ponovo podižemo i idemo dalje. Učimo, menjamo se, nekada se godinama vrtimo u krug ili tapkamo u mestu, a onda pored svega toga dobijemo odgovornost za još jedan, dva, tri… života. Kako neko ko nije sam naučio da bude srećan, da voli, da živo ispunjenim životom, da sa lakoćom prevazilazi izazove koji su svakodnevni, a nekada i vrlo kompleksni, kako neko ko nema samopouzdanja može da nauči dete da bude srećno i živi svoj život punog potencijala sa lakoćom i radošću?

Ipak, kao što smo mi svi unikatni na svoj način, tako je i svako dete svoje. Neku decu treba vaspitavati, a neku samo negovati. Ne moramo biti savršeni, ali moramo biti svoji i iskreni. Deca znaju mnogo više nego što mislimo, jer su njihove misli čiste i osećanja duboka. Nekada pomislim da ne treba da ih učimo da se prilagođavaju ovom svetu, već da grade svoj.


You become a parent and realize that you have permanently exchanged one life for another, and that, whether you like it or not, you have a huge responsibility and influence on a life that is not yours, and that it is up to you to teach someone about life, no matter how much you have mastered it yourself.

For the first 5 years we try to take them off ourselves, then for the next five years we try to attach them to ourselves again, then for the next five years they try to detach us from themselves, and then we try to attach to them again and so on indefinitely… The relationship between parents and children and the relationship between children and parents remains an eternal mystery of life.

Today I watched an animated film about Hercules, a famous hero from Greek mythology. At one point, the father, the supreme God Zeus, tells his son that he must become a real hero in order to become God again, and for that he needs to do a truly heroic deed. And so Hercules decided to practice and train every day, in order to become a real hero. However, although he became a hero and gained fame among the people, that was not enough. And finally, the key heroic act that brought him back among the Gods was giving his life in exchange for the life of the woman he loves.

That made me think about the symbolism of that idea, which appears in many stories, life for life, sacrifice out of love … It reminded me of parenthood. In a way we give our life as we know it until the moment we become parents, for a new life. Some parents literally sacrifice themselves in order for their children to live better, more beautiful, more than them … We do not all understand sacrifice in the same way, but giving up many things is an integral part of parenthood.

I don’t think that children should get everything they want and there is no universal approach to upbringing that you can reproduce to a child and just reap the rewards. Well, how many challenges did each of us face in our lives, we are all different and we live our lives the best we can, we often fall, so we get up again and move on. We learn, we change, sometimes for years go around in a circle or tap in one place, and then, in addition to all that, we get responsibility for another one, two, three… lives. How someone who has not learned to be happy, to love, to live a full life, to easily overcome challenges that occur daily, and are sometimes very complex, how someone who does not have self-confidence can teach a child to be happy and live his life in a full potential with ease and joy?

However, just as we are all unique in our own way, so is every child. Some children need to be brought up, and some just need to be nurtured. We don’t have to be perfect, but we do have to be our own and honest. Children know much more than we think, because their thoughts are pure and their feelings are deep. Sometimes I think that we should not teach them to adapt to this world, but to build their own.

Tijana Stupljanin