Man vs. Nature

Since the beginning of time, the man had to face the forces of nature to ensure his own survival. The nature has been observed as hostile, the man had to fight with his body and mind to concur the nature and make it his servant. However, more than once, the nature has demonstrated how powerful and wild it can truly be and the man, with all his science and technology and progress, stood no chance. Nevertheless, the mankind survived, there are more people in the world today than ever before.

If you start to think about this, it becomes clear, there is no man vs. nature, the nature is within a man, and the man is within the nature, we do not exist apart from it. If we fight the nature within, then we fight against our own bodies, our own instincts, senses… And if we fight the nature around us, we inevitably lose, because we are just a small piece of it. How about if we stop fighting and start listening, begin working together, cooperating, learn from it as much as we can and then co-create, play with it. This is the abundant planet, there is enough food, clothes and homes for each and every one of us. Nature is greater than all of us together, she gave a birth to everything that exists, we call it a Mother for a reason. She gave us everything she had so that we would live a happy life, as every mother would, and she did it with love.

And how do you treat your mother? Do you show her respect? Are you thankful for her gifts? How do you show your love?

If you do not understand your nature, that is within you and all around you, then you cannot appreciate it and you wouldn’t know how to love yourself or the world around you. Even that’s o.k., mother is forgiving and compassionate, her own love is enough, but you better show her respect! Because the Earth will survive without us, but where would we be without the Earth?


Život je stvar izbora/Life is a matter of choice

Nijedan put kojim se zaputimo u životu nije uzaludan, niti je izabran slučajno i bez razloga. Iz svega učimo i u svemu treba da vidimo smisao – širu sliku. Sve ima svoje značenje i mesto na našem putovanju. Ponovo se vraćam stazom znakova pored puta

Jedan profesor mi je jednom rekao da sami biramo kakvi ćemo biti. Zamislila sam se tada nad tom rečenicom i puno toga shvatila. Ništa nije dato, mi možemo uticati na sve da se promeni i dobije željeni oblik.

Počnimo oblikujući sebe, onako kako želimo, kako će nam biti lagodno u sopstvenoj koži. Počnimo sa tim željenim životom sada, ne čekajući idealne uslove ili da se nešto samo od sebe pojavi. Postavimo sami prilike, iznesimo svoje karte na sto – get dressed for success, a ostalo možemo prepustiti Bogu/Univerzumu/Životu…

Samo usklađeni sa samim sobom možemo promeniti svoj svet. Sami biramo reči kojima ćemo ispisati knjigu svoga života.

Sa verom i ljubavlju živimo život bez straha, do poslednjeg daha.


Neither path that we choose in life is in vain, nor it is chosen randomly and with no reason. We learn from everything and we should see sense in everything – the big picture. All the things have their place and meaning along our journey. I return again to the lane of the signs aside the road…

A professor once said to me that we ourselves choose the way we are going to be. That sentence got me thinking and I learned a lot from it. Nothing is ever written in stone, we can influence everything to change and get the desired form.

Let’s start with shaping ourselves, the way we want, in a way that we feel most comfortable with in our own skin. Let’s start that desired life right away, let’s not wait for perfect circumstances or for things just to happen. We can make our own chances, set out our cards on the table – get dressed for success, and the rest put into the hands of God/Universe/Life…

Only aligned with our self we can change our world. We alone choose the words with which we will write the book of our life.

With faith and love we live our life with no fear, until the last breath.