Nešto za razmišljanje / Something to think about

“Greške su deo nas samih, kada prestanemo da grešimo znači da smo mrtvi. Život je samo vreme ispunjeno običnim trenucima sitne sreće.” – Iz filma “Sreća je u malim stvarima” (Momenti di trascurabile felicità (2019)) Daniela Luketija


“Mistakes are part of ourselves, when we stop making mistakes it means we are dead. Life is just a time filled with moments of ordinary happiness.” – From the movie “Ordinary Happiness” (Momenti di trascurabile felicità (2019)) from Daniele Luchetti

Čarolija / Magic

From silence to silence. The light is emerging from the blue clouds. From my cozy nights into a doubt-colored dawn. From the depths of my being, through the gloaming darkness and fear, rises a new, blossomed, flaming, playful and singing enchantress woman, half goddess – half warrior, sometimes a fairy, or a witch.